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Let's Get Real About Love!

I always wondered why I had a tough time talking about my emotions and being vulnerable. I was a sappy internal mess, but I never really shared the tempest inside with anyone around me. I tried not to dwell upon it. It would take me years to let the walls come down. And it came only after I could no longer keep my emotions bottled up--they gushed forth, breaking every levee I had constructed. The first person I had to be real with was myself! I had hid being vulnerable from my own self because I needed to be "strong," "reasonable," and "responsible."

Now I'm a firm believer that you have to be real about love--loving your self that is. This means coming to terms with the parts of you that you may have deemed weak or insufficient. For many, mental health counseling can help people come to terms with vulnerability. For others, that can come from physical challenges and pushing beyond barriers. And for some, this can mean spending enough time in nature to understand the vastness of the universe and the perfect placement of all things.

I tell all my clients that the path to your happiness is through you--not someone else. Only your whole, complete self can give love. I try to encourage clients to challenge themselves spiritually, physically, and mentally. It is this soul, body, and mind that forms what I call the "trifecta" of healing. We are all broken in some way. We have all experienced disappointment or want things we can\'t have. The key to mending the breaks is to first discover your own power to heal. Many authors have written about this, but I encourage my clients to implement practical steps from this literature so that healing is tangible.

My advice is for myself first and foremost. I have lived and implemented these steps, and they have been revolutionary for me. I can securely say that these techniques have also helped to heal those around me. Once you start loving your self in a real way, your entire energy changes. Everything about your life will change. And you will realize that loving yourself is an active process, not an abstract destination. This world of abundance is waiting for you. Just get real with yourself and invest in love. Invest in your spirit, your body, and your mind.



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